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Dr. John Wood – Sunday, April 13th

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January – May 2014 Newsletter

The Spiritual Center, sometimes referred to as the Retreat House, located near Maria Stein in rural Mercer County, Ohio about eight miles south of Grand Lake St. Marys. We hope you find the Spiritual Center to be a place where you can take time to reflect on your life in peace and quiet at our surroundings. Let this be your home away from home. Please feel free to utilize all that our facility has to offer. We hope to serve you in the future.

Our Mission Statement
We are Christians dedicated to serving the Lord, each other, families, parishes and communities.

We believe in God the Creator, His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, who guides us through the magisterium of the Catholic Church with its scripture and traditions and through the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Through the Spiritual Center of Maria Stein, we provide opportunity for spiritual growth, social development of community service. We will do this through facilities, staff and programs.

For a map on where the Spiritual Center is located, click here.

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